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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

St Paul's Tavern, Turner Street

Where John Street meets Turner Street today there is nothing but that horrible multi-storey car park that's plonked in the middle of what is now the Northern Quarter (the halfwits in town planning didn't anticipate that this part of town would ever recover in the '70s, or whenever they built this).  In the mid 1850s St Paul's Church stood on this site at the end of Turner Street before it met Tib Street (marvellously, the 1849 map shows the church in such detail you can even see the pews).  On Turner Street, five doors up from the church was the St Paul's Tavern, looking down John Street as marked '3' on the map below [1].

Former location of St Paul's Tavern (3), Turner Street. (c) googlemaps.

1. Manchester (Piccadilly) 1849, Alan Godfrey Maps (2009).

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