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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

122. Kings Arms, Bloom Street

Kings Arms, Bloom Street, Salford. (c)

Third pub in our crawl around Salford and enter the Kings Arms.  An imposing, listed building, and clearly one that's following the success of the New Oxford and Crescent nearby by offering an excellent choice of ale.  Whilst it could definitely do with a lick of paint and a spruce up, it was still cosy enough and is quirky enough to attract a surprisingly young and student crowd at times - as the Studio Salford theatre group based upstairs here testifies.  A touch on the pricey side possibly as well - this may be more down to its location which is a bit closer to Manchester city centre than the other two.

Kings Arms, upstairs, 1951. (c) Neil101 at flickr.

Regretably however, three of our pints had to be returned, one real ale, the Buzzin', and two Erdinger wheat beers as they were well off and undrinkable.  These were replaced without question, but it was a shame to be let down in this way.  The landlord has since apologised and rectified the issue immediately to their credit and requested that we revisit to re-sample the beers.  I'm sure we will do this one again in due course.  A mixed crowd, and well worth a visit if you are doing the crawl, but if your pint aint right, give it 'em back!


  1. Keep updating. I am looking forward to more manchester

  2. One of my faves on this route.... ive always found the beer good.