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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

123. Egerton Arms, Gore Street

Egerton Arms, Gore Street, Salford. (c) Adam Bruderer.

As regular followers of our blog are aware, we never like to turn down the opportunity of waxing lyrical regarding our favourite brewery, Joseph Holt (and their pubs), and usually look forward to a good pint of reasonably priced ale, in pleasant if traditional surroundings on every trip.  Not this time however!  On arrival at the Egerton, we were met with the the shocking admission, that there was no bitter available. Not just no bitter either; no draught mild, and no bottles whatsoever, as we will gladly drink a bottle of Humdinger or 6X etc whilst a barrel is being changed.  Alas there was none, so it was one pint of Smoothflow Mild before making our way on.  This should never happen in any pub, let alone a Holt's pub. Sort it out please Derby Brewery, it's not good enough!  We'll revisit at a later date and report back.


  1. Only been in once last bank holiday and was suprised to see ashtrays on every table !

  2. The Egerton's a bit of an an embarrassment to Holt's to be honest (not to mention the decor in the vault). Ash trays during A/T and private parties is fine but during opening hours is reckless

  3. "regular followers of our blog" - heh heh - steady on now lads

  4. Anonymous, make yourself known. We have plenty of readers thanks very much...Grizzlers

  5. only teasing lads !!
    I am an avid follower as you know - just didn't know how to post other than anonymous

  6. As far as I know it isn't a Holts pub it is a free house. The range of lagers is the giveaway.

    J A B lue