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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Scubar, York Street

Scubar, York Street (from Oxford Road). (c) Pubs of Manchester.

Just off Oxford Road on York Street in the shadow of the Manchester Aquatics Centre sits the recently closed Scubar.  It was previously known the Old Steam Brewery and Green McNally's Sports Bar, when it was a very occasional post-match port of call.  In its later years it was a studenty cocktails bar, but did occasionally have real ales on.  Unlike its sibling, the lost Scu 2 Bar which lives on as the Courtyard, there appears no chance that life will be breathed back into this venue - a sign on the door says it's being turned into a place of worship.

Scubar, York Street (from Grosvenor Street). (c) Pubs of Manchester.


  1. Think this place was also called the 'Bundle of Sticks' inthe 50's and 60's; frequented by many an Irishman ?

  2. Thanks Mick, will update the entry with this. Shame to see it shut, and seemingly ended its days as a boozer...

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