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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Closed Pubs

This new blog, Closed Pubs - Recording the slow, sad death of the British pub, is one to follow as it records just some of our nation's dying pubs.  The reasons for their demise are well documented and not to be discussed here.  Just appreciate these lost public houses for what they once were - places for people to meet, greet, eat, drink, argue, laugh, cry, pass the time, watch telly, play pool, darts, dominoes, cards, learn to drink as a youth, show off with the lads, meet a lass, meet the wife, meet a bit on the side, do business, sup before the match, watch the match, sup after the match, drink fine ales, drink shyte, sit in the corner and do the crossword...  RIP the Great British Pub.  Here's one just around the corner from Pubs of Manchester HQ:

Waggon & Horses, Sale. (c) Closed Pubs.


  1. The link is much appreciated. While obviously we all have our own views on the reasons, it is a fact of life that, pretty much wherever you go in this country, you will encounter closed pubs, often pretty impressive-looking ones. So I'm just trying to record them at face value.

  2. A few in old Ancoats on this site which you should include Curmudgeon - Cross Keys, Smiths Arms, Cheshire Cheese, Edinburgh, etc.

  3. Send me some links and I'll put them on the list.

    WV = Petting !