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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Staff of Life, Rainsough Brow

Staff of Life, Rainsough Brow, Prestwich. (c) David Rowlinson [1].

The original Staff of Life on Rainsough Brow dates back to about 1860, when a shop and a cottage in the six Mount View cottages next to the Rainsough Workhouse opened as a beerhouse.  Taylor's Eagle Brewery of Chorlton took over the Staff of Life in 1898, adding a bay window in the 1920s, and it passed to Marston's Brewery in 1958.

Staff of Life, Rainsough Brew. (c) Craig Brisbane at Prestwich & Whitefield Guide.

Marstons demolished the old pub in 1973 [1], and rebuilt the Staff of Life in the estate pub style on the site of the Rainsough Workhouse.  This blighted boozer has recently been pulled down itself.

Staff of Life, Rainsough Brow, Prestwich, 1920s. (c) David Rowlinson [1].

1. A History of the Pubs of Prestwich, David Rowlinson.

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