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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Plough, Rainsough Brow

Plough, Rainsough Brow, Prestwich. (c) deltrems at flickr.

The Plough on the Prestwich-Salford border can be traced back to 1794 when three cottages were built on Rainsough Brow.  The Plough Inn beerhouse in two of the cottages, named after the farmland that surrounded the area, opened in 1883, and beer was first supplied by the Bentley Brewery of Prestwich [1].

Plough, Rainsough Brow. (c) David Rowlinson [1].
The Plough passed to the Manchester Brewery Company (as above) of the Britannia Brewery in Ardwick in 1909, then Walker & Homfrays of Salford and on to Wilsons of Newton Heath in 1949.

Plough, Rainsough Brow, 1952. (c) David Rowlinson [1].

In the '50s, Betty the big-handed bar maid was able to hold nine half pint glasses in one hand and pull beer into them with the other.  By 1965 the third cottage had been incorporated into the Plough, and the beer was kept in a room behind the bar rather than a cellar.

Plough, Rainsough Brow. (c) David Rowlinson [1].

The Plough closed in about 2011, and was placed up for auction, after the landlord was convicted of drug smuggling [2].  The pub had a dodgy reputation towards the end despite being a Holt's house.

Plough, Rainsough Brow. (c) I-Bidder.

1. A History of Prestwich Pubs, David Rowlinson.

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