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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Brown Cow, Oldham Road

Brown Cow, Oldham Road, Failsworth, 2009. (c) Dr Neil Clifton at geograph under Creative Commons.

The Brown Cow was built in 1904 to replace an old beerhouse of the same name in a row of cottages along Oldham Road, Failsworth.  In 1929 a wine license was granted and by the start of WWII it was under the ownership of Cornbrook Brewery [1].

Brown Cow, Oldham Road, 2012. (c) Ian S at geograph under Creative Commons.

A police survey of 1939 reported three drinking rooms and a licensed living room or kitchen, with outside gent's urinals and an indoors women's toilet to cater for the large female trade.  As you entered the Brown Cow, the vault was to the immediate right, bar parlour to the left with the smoke room with the kitchen opposite [1].

 Brown Cow, Oldham Road, 1994. (c) Rob Magee [1].

Like most pubs, the Brown Cow became open-plan in more modern times, following the Bass takeover of the pub after they'd merged with Charrington United Breweries who had taken over Cornbrook [1].  The Brown closed a few years ago and is now private housing, whilst retaining its pub appearance.

1. Failsworth Pubs and their Licensees 1731-1995, Rob Magee (1995).

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  1. I think that this was the pub that I was banned from in the mid 1970's. Very open plan with dance floor and DJ. My dancing was a little wild for the times and someone took umbrage and gave me a life ban. Seems I am still here and the pub is no more.