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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Nelson Tavern, Mill Lane

Nelson Tavern, Mill Lane, Failsworth. (c) Rob Magee [1]. 

The original Nelson Tavern stood on Mill Lane on the Failsworth-Newton Heath border, at the bottom of Rose Hey Lane near Green Lane, what is today's Millstream Lane.  The beerhouse can be traced back to at least 1841 and on Christmas day 1888 it was bought by the nearby Wilsons Brewery of Newton Heath.  In the late 1930s Wilsons decided to rebuilt the Nelson Tavern up the road near the new housing estate (still going), and the original beerhouse closed in 1939 [1].

1. Failsworth Pubs 1731-1995 and their licensees, Rob Magee (1995).

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