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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Haxby Hotel, Haxby Road

Former Haxby Hotel, Haxby Road, Gorton. (c) Pugh Auctions.

The Haxby Hotel is seen here in 1965 as a large (5,000 sq foot), imposing Threlfalls house, despite it bring tucked away at No.3 Haxby Road off Levenshulme Road near Ryder Brow Station in Gorton.  The Haxby Hotel closed relatively recently - I'd guess mid-late-2000s - judging from the photo at Closed Pubs.

Location of Haxby Hotel, Haxby Road. (c) Pugh Auctions.

The Haxby Hotel was really off the beaten track, directly off Yeadon Road, with Levenshulme Road to the west and Hemsworth Road to the south.  The old Haxby Hotel was up for auction and has recently been converted into what's now a huge private property. 

Former Haxby Hotel, Haxby Road. (c) Google 2014. View Larger Map.

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