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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Britannia, Rayson Street (Chapel Lane)

Britannia, Rayon Street, Blackley. (c) Roger Hall [1].

Tucked away on Rayson Street (now Chapel Lane) just of Mill Brow and Exchange Street (now Old Market Street), the Britannia beerhouse was a former shop that was converted by Boardman's Brewery of Cheetham Hill in the 1860s.  The Brit had three rooms - unusual for a beerhouse - including a billiards room [1].

Britannia, Rayson Street. (c) Alan Gall [2].

The Britannia passed to Cornbrook Brewery and was a Bass Charrington house, offering both bitter and mild through beer engines, when it closed in 1978.  The Britannia was demolished for the same traffic scheme that saw off the Wilton Arms, one that that never happened [1].  New houses have since been built on the site of the old beerhouse.

Former location of Britannia, Chapel Lane. (c) Google 2014. View Larger Map.

1. The Pubs of Blackley, Roger Hall (1980).
2. Manchester Breweries of time gone by 1, Alan Gall.

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