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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Rowsley Arms, Rowsley Street

Rowsley Arms, Rowlsey Street, Beswick, 1963. (c) Alan Gall [1].

Despite being displayed on televisions all over the world recently, most watching would have been unaware that the stadium which saw the most dramatic of climaxes to the season has the official address of Rowsley Street.  The City of Manchester Stadium, Eastlands, or to give it its official title, the Etihad Stadium, was  built over Bradford Colliery, but on the Beswick side once stood the Rowsley Arms.  Seen in higher resolution in 1963 on the corner of Edensor Street, the pub was once a Cardwells house having been bought by Henry Cardwell in 1885.  It passed to Wilsons when they took over Cardwells in 1899 [1]. These days Rowsley Street is pub-free having most recently lost Summerbee's (the old Maine Road / Britannia) but remains an important road boasting both the athletics stadium and the underground player's entrance.

1. Manchester Breweries Of Times Gone By Vol 1, Alan Gall, published by Neil Richardson (year unknown).


  1. eastlands,etihad,city of manchester stadium.or whatever its called this week,is not built on bradford pit,but manchester steel "johnson& nephew" and the car park was deborah scaffolding and then on philips pk rd and the corner of the new rd was an industrial lense maker.the alex was on the other corner.And the brittania died a death when summerbee took over.! mark molloy

  2. Of course part of the stadium is built on the old pit site, I worked at Johnson's on a number of occasions between 71 and 75.My dad worked there for 26 years along with 3 generations from the beginning of the firm ,