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Monday, 28 May 2012

195. Full Shilling, Tiviot Dale

Full Shilling, Tiviot Dale, Stockport. (c) deltrems at flickr.

Our third pub of the day and the sign outside told us that they would be showing the match, so in we popped, and indeed the match was shown on the numerous televisions surrounding the premises.  Unfortunately however, that was about the only positive thing we could take from the Full Shilling, formerly the Kings Head.  The pub interior was dark and unwelcoming and there was no sign of any real ale, or even any good bottles, which was a shame as the sign outside did indicate real ales.  I suspect that this is a historical sign from better days gone by.  In normal circumstances, that would have been a cue to leave, but we persevered with a quick Guinness or bottle of Newcy Brown apiece then got out of there.  This Stockport trip wasn't going too well, but fortunately for us, things were about to improve. 

Kings Head, Tiviot Dale, Stockport. (c) Allen1 at mystockport.


  1. Currently to let and has been empty for a good 6-9 months at least. Maybe its fortunes will change when the new Redrock leisure complex is finished

    1. Do we know who the letting agent is?