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Monday, 28 May 2012

193. Little Jack Horner, Lord Street

Little Jack Horner, Lord Street, Stockport. (c) Gerald England at geograph under Creative Commons.

A quirky little backstreet pub situated just 100 yards from Stockport train station and a reasonable starting point for our visit to the area.  One of the original old pubs, it has survived numerous building works of offices around it which in other areas would normally have resulted in its demolition.  As a pub, it's interior is a bit tired but it does have something of a homely feel and the landlord was welcoming enough.  Real ale is served and there were three on offer during our visit - the Golden Sheep was reasonable.  Probably not the sort we'd have a session in but I'm sure he's got his regulars and locals, and decent enough for a quick pint prior to catching a train.

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