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Monday, 28 May 2012

Green Bar, London Road

Green Bar, London Road Fire Station, London Road. (c) fishbrain at 28dayslater.

The Green Bar was presumably the staff bar at the grand London Road Fire Station which still sits disused in a prime location on the gateway to Manchester next to the Bulls Head.  The urban explorers at 28 Days Later snapped the bar and what appears to be its entrance [1].

London Road Fire Station, London Road. (c) wikipedia under GNU Licence.

Maybe when Britannia Hotels finally let go of the building that they've owned, yet done nothing with, for decades, someone will finally restore this building to its rightful glory.  Rumours have included a hotel (not Britannia, thanks), a complex of retail, bars and restaurants, and even a music venue.

Green Bar 'Club Room', London Road Fire Station. (c) fishbrain at 28dayslater.


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