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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Caught on the Hop, Withington Road

Former location of Caught on the Hop, Withington Road, Whalley Range. (c) Google 2013. View Larger Map.

The Caught on the Hop stood on Withington Road near the junction with Yarburgh Street and Range Road in Whalley Range.  These days the new-build Range Medical Centre sits here and the pub was a similarly-bland looking 1970s estate-style boozer, though a picture has proved elusive.  The Caught on the Hop was closed in the early 1990s with problems related to drug dealing being one reason for its boarding up.  The Manchester CAMRA December 1991 issue of What's Doing mentions the Caught on the Hop closing (though as a Hulme pub), along with the Spinners, Crown, Bulls Head (pictured below; recently demolished), and further out, the Greyhound in Partington [1].  None of these pubs survived.

Caught on the Hop, Withington Road (Bulls Head, Chester Road). (c) What's Doing [1].

1. What's Doing, CAMRA (December 1991).


  1. When the Greyhound in Partington closed because of the drug problem, the problem moved across the road to the very excellent King William IV (the 'King Billy'). Marston's acted quickly to deal with the problem: they closed the pub.
    This was a real tragedy, the King Billy was a proper pub frequented by decent people. And it's ale was well kept.

  2. Yes, the King Billy was the best pub in Partington and the landlord was very strict in dealing with the problem. Sadly Marstons had no choice but to the close it as there were threats and an arson attempt. The Greyhound reopened again later.

  3. Biff..Go I used to frequent this pub way back in 1978 1981 on the edge of "Moss Side" The place was full of drug dealers and us 2 being from down south used to attract alot of attention with our accents Shit us up a few times until the land lord got to know us and told them all to leave us alone or else