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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Half Moon, Holland Street

Half Moon, Holland Street, Miles Platting. (c) Henry Bairsto [1].

The Half Moon was a small Wilson's pub at the top end of Holland Street, also shown here at the archives in 1963.  This street still runs through Miles Platting from Butler Street to Varley Street (and has the still-surviving Navigation pub), but in the past it continued on to meet up with Hulme Hall Lane (Alan Turing Way).  The Half Moon was at the Hulme Hall Lane end near Royle's Bridge over the canal, and was described as having the smallest bar room in the area - if there were half a dozen drinkers in the bar it was overcrowded [1].

1. Just Henry - Memories of Bradford and Moston Collieries Manchester, Henry Bairsto (1991).


  1. My Great Great Grandfather ran this pub, William Francis Ashworth. I wish I had more information on it. I took my father to visit the area where the pub was when he was trying to find out about his Dad as he passed away when he was just 18 months old. It tuned out that his Dad lived in the pub with his Grandfather and his Dad also went to the same school as my father as my father also grew up in the area. Thanks for sharing. Val Morris

  2. My mother and step father ran this pub in the early 80's for a short time. Probably 1981 or '82. We lived in the pub of course. It was ran by Forest Haven Breweries if my memry serves me right.