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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Windsor Castle, New Windsor

Windsor Castle, New Windsor, Salford, 1961. (c) Neil Richardson [1].

The Windsor Castle Inn stood on the corner of West George Street and New Windsor (later Windsor) from 1791 until 1976, when it made way for the new Albion Way road which bypassed Cross Lane to join Regent Road and The Crescent.  The nearby Cross Lane Cattle Market attracted "the most influential of the cattle salesman, as well as the butchers" to the "commodious brewhouse" with "a good supply of excellent spring water."  When the Lion Brewery of Hulme merged with Watson & Woodhead of Salford in 1898, they took the Windsor Castle, which passed to Walkers & Homfray in 1912.  The pub was a Wilsons house from the 1960s before it was pulled down [1].

1. Salford Pubs - Part Two: Including Islington, Ordsall Lane and Ordsall, Oldfield Road, Regent Road and Broughton, Neil Richardson (2003).

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