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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Crown Inn, Wrigley Street / Valance Close

Crown Inn, Valance Close, West Gorton. (c) Alan Winfield with permission.

The Crown, on the corner of Dannett Close and Valance Street near the Monastery in West Gorton, closed its doors in 2010 and is currently in the midst of a stalled conversion to retail premises.  Originally the pub was the Crown Inn and it stood on Wrigley Street, before much of West Gorton was redeveloped.   

Crown Inn, Valance Close. (c) Jeremy Rubin.

The Crown Inn is seen in 1964 as a Chesters house, and looking down Waddington Street from Wrigley Street, also in 1964.  This part of West Gorton, off Pottery Lane, is much-changed today; council houses surround the old Crown rather than terraces.

Crown Inn, Valance Street. (c) Google 2014. View Larger Map.

The Crown suffered a fire in recent years and was first up for sale for just £110,000, and then at auction for the ridiculous sum of £15,000, eventually going for £39,000.

Crown Inn, Valance Street. (c) Google 2014. View Larger Map.

The lease of the Crown had been held by the Council on 99-year lease from 1976, when landlord was Edward O'Kane who left for the Salford survivor, the Albert in Lower Broughton [1].

Crown, Valance Street. (c) Manchester Evening News.

Just before closure in 2010, a violent armed robbery took place at the Crown.  It went through a round of closures towards the end, as CAMRA had reported it had closed in December 2009 (13 years after it had been a Pub of the Month) [1].


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