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Friday, 21 March 2014

Lord Lovat / Cemetry Inn, Camelia Road / Boardman Street

Cemetry Inn, Boardman Street, Harpurhey. (c) Adshead at Digital Archives [1].

The Cemetry Inn - misspelt over a century before Morrissey famously did - stood on the corner of Boardman Street and an unnamed road at the entrance to Manchester General Cemetry (sic).  Shown above on the 1851 map of Manchester by Adshead, the Cemetry with its bowling green to the rear was in St Michaels Ward.  Map No.23 of Adshead's collection [1] shows this corner of North Manchester to be a pleasant mix of parkland, riverland, light industry and residential.

Lord Lovat, Camelia Road, Harpurhey. (c) Manchester Local Image Collection. Click here to view full image [2].

The Cemetry Inn was renamed the Lord Lovat under Cornbrook Ales, as shown in 1958 on the corner of what was then Woodland Street and Camelia Road.  While Camelia Road still just about remains, Woodland Street is now called Kingsbridge Road and the Lord Lovat survived until the mid-2000s.  The pub is shown again in 1958 before clearance of the area; the photographer would have been stood at the old cemetery entrance.  Alan Winfield visited the Lord Lovat in 1994 as a Bass house and took this photo of the rather sorry looking pub, which compares with the view today.

Former location of Lord Lovat / Cemetry Inn, Camelia Road. (c) Google 2013. View Larger Map.

1. Adshead's Twenty Four Illustrated Maps of the Township of Manchester divided into Municipal Wards, 1851 at Digital Archives.


  1. Dan, the Cemetry is almost certainly the Lord Lovat. See your February 2013 entry. The old map is orientated with west as north but the bend in the river Irk and the location of the pub relative to the cemetery and the river prove this. Also you can Google "lord lovat cemetery harpurhey" and it links to some further indicators in genealogy froums. Keep up the good work. Youa re still missing the little Boddies house "The Waterloo" , my Dads local ! Ted Stockton

  2. You're spot on Ted, forgot about the Lord Lovat when briefly researching the Cemetry. I'll try to add the Waterloo asap. Cheers, Dan