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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Three Terriers, Union Street

Three Terriers, Union Street, Charlestown. (c) Salford Pubs of the 70s at flickr [1].

This Charlestown boozer opened in the 1860s and was a Boddingtons Brewery house by the early 1900s.  The Three Terriers stood on Union Street, which still just about runs through the area, and the pub stood on its own for a while after the rest of the street was cleared.  The Three Terriers was eventually knocked down in the mid-'70s after closing in 1973 [2].

2. Salford Pubs Part Three: Including Cross Lane, Broad Street, Hanky Park, the Height, Brindleheath, Charlestown and Weaste, Neil Richardson (2003).

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