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Thursday 19 July 2012

Rock, Hyde Road

Rock Inn, Hyde Road, West Gorton. (c) Peter Southall at Closed Pubs [1].

Shown as The Rock in 1971 then the Rock Inn two years later, this boozer will be memorable for anyone who supported Belle Vue Aces when they rode at Hyde Road.  The Rock was pretty much opposite the main entrance to the old speedway stadium, which was sadly demolished in the late '80s to make way for a car auction site [2].

Hyde Road, Belle Vue Aces Stadium, West Gorton. (c) speedwayplus.

As shown here [1] and at the archives, the Rock was a Tetley's house on the corner of Boundary Street and Hyde Road, but the pub has also gone the way of the stadium (and the Belle Vue Pleasure Gardens before it).  These days a flat iron, pub shaped gap marks the spot of the old Rock.

Former location of the Rock, Hyde Road. (c) Google 2012. View Larger Map.


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  1. This was my grandma & grandads pub through the 70s and I spent many happy years staying there. From the smell of the speedway track. And the rattle of the window when the busses went past. And a short walk up to watch wrestling at Kings Hall. Happy memories