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Friday, 27 July 2012

Midland, Hyde Road

Midland, Hyde Road, Belle Vue. (c) Gary Taylor at [1].

The Midland was both a station hotel - being opposite Belle Vue Station - and place for visitors to the Pleasure Gardens to visit for refreshments or accommodation.  It was also a Belle Vue Brewery outlet [2].  We used to park at the Midland in the late '80s, early '90s when watching the Aces speedway team at Kirkmanshulme Lane, after their Hyde Road stadium was demolished. 

Midland, Hyde Road, Belle Vue. (c) manmates [3].

I'm not sure I was ever dragged inside the big old pub though.  The Midland was on the corner of Glencastle Road (now disused) and Hyde Road but was demolished in 2002 [2] or 2003 [3] to be replaced by very little.

Former Midland, Hyde Road, Belle Vue. (c) Google 2012. View Larger Map.



  1. The midland pub was the best one in bellevue like there sad to see it go

  2. i use to go in the pub from the middle 80s until it closed ive seen a few landlords/landladys come and go after tommy and his wife left but i also made some nice freinds i remember the bonfire nights and firework displays and the xmas parties for the kids karaoke nights and pound a pint it was the best pub in gorton and i still miss it till this day i also remember the showboat at the back of the lake pub it was great for a late drink but no pub compares to the midland best pub in gorton

  3. unfourtunatly, it became a hub for the local gangs off mount rd that would fire guns, intimidate passers by. police closed it then it was demolished soon after. sad ending and another piece of bellevue gone forever.