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Sunday, 22 July 2012

General Peel, Robert Hall Street

General Peel, Robert Hall Street, Ordsall. (c) Salford Pubs of the 70s at flickr.

Just off Oldfield Road, the General Peel stood on the corner of Trafford Street (now gone) and Robert Hall Street in Ordsall.  The original General Peel was pulled down in 1873 and its replacement was a Cornbrook Brewery house which passed to Boddingtons in the early 1900s.  The General Peel lasted until 1972 when it was yet another victim of the redevelopment of Ordsall, and its replacement is the Ordsall Neighbourhood Office community centre.

Former location of General Peel, Robert Hall Street. (c) Google 2012. View Larger Map.

2. Salford Pubs Part Two: Including Islington, Ordsall and Ordsall Lane, Oldfield Road, Regent Road and Broughton, Neil Richardson (2003).

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