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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Manchester Pub Guide

From this months' Opening Times, this should be worth a purchase for anyone who's found themselves reading this blog:

Manchester Pub Guide. (c) Opening Times (read more back issues here).

THE twin cities of Manchester & Salford are the vibrant heart of a region with a population of 3 million and attracts 90 million visitors a year for leisure, tourism, sport and business.  Like the city itself, the city's pubs and bars are a mix of the modern and the traditional with something for everyone.  With over 200 pubs and bars in the city centre ranging from the historic to the new bohemian bars of the Northern Quarter, the visitor can be bewildered about where to go for a pint.  The three CAMRA branches that cover the City of Manchester have come together to produce a guide to the pubs and bars of the City Centre.  The guide splits the city centre into seven areas with the name & address of every pub and bar listed.  Clear maps in each section show the location of each pub & bar. Over 100 pubs selling real ale are described in detail along with opening times and icons showing the facilities available. Each pub or bar's location is shown on clear maps. 

For the more adventurous visitor, additional sections cover the popular suburb of Chorlton, where over 20 pubs and bars squeezed into less than half a square mile have made it a destination in itself, and the Wilmslow Road corridor home to two universities and the bulk of their 80,000 strong student population.  The pub listings are complemented by a range of feature articles on the city's history, local breweries and other subjects of interest to pub-goers. Whether coming to the city for its pubs and ales or just looking for somewhere to relax between museums or meetings, the guide will help visitors plan their visit and seek out the very best the city has to offer.  The Manchester Pub Guide is due to be launched to coincide with the SIBA Great Northern Beer Festival [starts today].  The full colour, 112 page will have a cover price of £4.99.  For orders and enquiries contact Heather Airlie at

Even easier, order from here (sample page and map at the link):

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