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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Ark Royal, Tavistock Square

Ark Royal, Tavistock Square, Harpurhey, 2007. (c) Gene Hunt at flickr / Creatve Commons.

Situated on the edge of the grim Tavistock Square shops on Lathbury Road just off Rochdale Road in Harpurhey, the Ark Royal was another classic north Manchester estate pub.  Although shown shuttered up in 2007 above, googlemaps now shows it as the Redemption Place church, retaining the pub signage.   Alan Winfield has a 1992 photo of the Ark Royal as a Robinson's house at Pubs Galore [1].

Former Ark Royal, Tavistock Square, Harpurhey. (c) Google 2011. View Larger Map.

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