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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Crown & Cushion and Ducie Bridge

Crown & Cushion, Corporation Street. (c) at skyscrapercity.

The above photo was taken in mid-April as preparations are made to demolish the Crown & Cushion.  The title of the oldest licensed premises in Manchester now passes to the English Lounge or the Sawyers Arms, which are both recorded as being licensed in the 1760s.  A bit of better news though in this article from Manchester Confidential confirms what we suspected last year - the Ducie Bridge WAS bought by the Co-Op, who have given it a 5-year stay of execution.

"The firm decided to buy the pub because it sits within the 20 acres it is planning to regenerate at part of its NOMA development... it has agreed the new lease with landlord Dave Foran, who said there were ‘no plans’ past the five year agreement, despite the pub being left off several CGIs of how NOMA might look in the future.  “We had a letter from Admiral Taverns saying they’d sold the pub and we had 28 days to get out,” said Foran.  “But the Co-op approached me and said they wanted to keep it on under a lease. What happens after that, I don’t know, but they have no plans to demolish it. Not yet anyway.”...  “The Crown and Cushion is going but they’d have nothing to gain from taking the Ducie down,” he said. “Miller Street will be one-way, then new roads will go up the back of us into Angel Meadows."

Let's hope that the confirmation of the new ring road passing up Angel Street means the Angel / Beer House is safe from the duplicitous Co-Op and council.

Ducie Bridge, Corporation Street. (c) Manchester Confidential.


  1. Good news for the Ducie which is currently selling some good beer.

  2. Shall give it another go soon. Last time we were in it was Holts SMOOTH

  3. This is a really good post for Crown And Bridge, doing this work so that everybody can have access to Dental Laboratory information.
    thanks for sharing this with us.

  4. It's going this week is The Ducie. Shutting on Saturday in fact. Sad news.