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Friday, 29 April 2011

Star Inn, Broughton Road / Greengate

Star Inn, Broughton Road, 1990. (c) deltrems at flickr.

Greengate West today links Trinity Way and Blackfriars road at the northern tip of the inner ring road, but in the past it was known as Broughton Road (which Blackfriars Road replaced) and then simply the northern end of Greengate.  The Star Inn was on the corner with Garden Street, another street lost to the redevelopment of this part of Salford.  The location of the pub was about where the silver motor is down the now inaccessible part of Greengate West.  The pub was first recorded in 1843 and was taken over by Threlfalls in 1907.  In the 1940s the Star Inn was nicknamed Pawsey's due to the well known landlord, Thomas Pawsey, who had it for almost 40 years.

Star Inn, Broughton Road, 1930s. (c) Neil Richardson [1].

Like at the Three Legs of Man and King Billy nearby, boxing matches were held at the Star Inn and around the back was the large "Wooden Hut" which was used for meetings and dances [1].  Whitbread took over in the 1960s the Star Inn was described as an original and traditional Victorian alehouse a with large central bar and tiled throughout.  Whitbread Trophy was served by handpull together with Guinness, Chesters mild, Heineken, Gauntlet and Tankard on keg [2].  The Star eventually closed for good in 1990 [1].

Former location of Star Inn, Greengate West. (c) googlemaps.

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2. The Manchester Pub Guide, Manchester & Salford City Centres (1975).

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  1. The Red Locust12 June 2012 at 21:50

    Some footgae here of The Star Inn, in 1990, @3:10 minutes; not amazing but showing it definitely derelict by 1 April 1990! Then at @4:30 a bustling Blackfrair pub. Some interesting scenes later on including a pre-Wetherspoon Piccadilly and car friendly Portland and Mosley Streets.