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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Globe / Queen Victoria, Bury Street

Globe, Bury Street, Salford, 1988. (c) Alan Winfield (&wife, pictured) with kind permission.

The Globe stood on the corner of Bury Street and Crown Street, just off Blackfriars Road and Trinity Way and was demolished as the Queen Victoria as recently as 1998.  As the Globe it was licensed from 1823 and by 1860 current licensee was advertising "Weston's Music Hall" in the pub.  In 1874 the "Tallest Man In The World", a 7'4" singer and dancer, and his similarly tall partner, Madame Sansbury were performing in the Globe's grand saloon.  Walker & Homfrays took over the pub towards the end of the century and Wilsons had it by 1949 by which time the pub had expanded into neighbouring cottages to the side and rear [1].  

Globe, Bury Street, Salford. (c) Salford_66 at flickr / Roy Bullock.

In the 1970s the Globe was described as a rather empty backstreet boozer though with an obviously glorious past.  Its central bar offering bitter and mild from beer engines had four interesting rooms all off it. However, the leather benches in the impressive smoke room lay unoccupied as the pub appeared to have been left stranded in an area of modern so-called development - Bury Street was once a thriving thoroughfare as shown above [2]. 

Globe, Bury Street, Salford. (c) deltrems at flickr.

The Globe saw closures in the 1980s and at one stage in the late '80s was a Lees tied house.  In 1992 one last try was a name change to the Queen Victoria under new owners.  This didn't last too long - by 1997 the pub was closed and then demolished not long after in December 1998 [1].

Globe, Bury Street, Salford, 1961. (c) Neil Richardson [1].

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