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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Derby Arms, New Blakeley Street

Former location of Derby Arms, New Blakeley Street. (c) googlemaps.

The Derby Arms sat on this corner of what is now Dantzic Street and the amusingly named Mincing Street, formerly New Blakeley Street and Nelson Street respectively.  This spot in Angel Meadow is just below the notorious old Parochial Burial Ground, better known today as St Michael's Flags in Angel Meadow Park.  The pub was also close to the school which in 1866 become Charter Street Ragged School, today still retaining an array of interesting signs, the oldest being the "Working Girls Home" sign on the right, below.

Charter Street Ragged School, Little Nelson Street. (c) googlemaps.

The Charter Street Ragged School was originally a church mission before it was a school, as the old sign suggests.  As well as providing food, clothing and clogs for local children, it also offered medical services and Sunday breakfasts for down-and-outs [2].  In more recent times it's been a place of residence for young female workers and civil servants, and over the years has had visits from the likes of Engels, Churchill and Dickens.  Wonder if they popped in the Derby Arms for a pint after their inspections.

Charter Street Ragged School, Little Nelson Street. (c) Binary Ape at flickr. 

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2. Angel Meadow: the Irish & Cholera in Manchester, Mervyn Busteed & Paul Hindle -

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