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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Greyhound, Chester Road

Former location of Greyhound, Chester Road. (c) googlemaps.

The Greyhound was on the corner of Chester Road and Lloyd Street, directly opposite the impressive, and now converted to apartments, St George's Church.  The Greyhound, shown here in 1959, was closed and demolished in 1963 as an Inde Coope house [1] and all traces of the old street layout here were destroyed with the building of the Mancunian Way ring road and the Hulme high rises (Lloyd Street would have passed by the right of the flats in the foreground).  The view from the Greyhound must have been impressive...

St George's Church, opposite former site of Greyhound, Chester Road. (c) googlemaps.

1. The Old Pubs of Hulme and Chorlton-on-Medlock, Bob Potts (1997).

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