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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Barons Bier Keller, Oxford Street

Possible former location of Barons Bier Keller, Oxford Street. (c) googlemaps.

As the name suggests this was an attempt at a German theme bar, similar to the Bier Keller on Piccadilly and the old Beer Kellar on Wood Street.  The lads from the 1975 Manchester Pub Guide gave it a scathing review - in German obviously - bemoaning the high prices, cheap decor (with no German influence), crap beer (Youngers Scotch, Tartan, Double Diamond) and mainly teenage clientèle [1].  It was on the left side of Oxford Street, possibly in the block shown, but exact location is unknown.

1. The Manchester Pub Guide, Manchester & Salford City Centres (1975).

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  1. Barons bier keller was on the far left of the photograph on the ground floor there was a bar usually open at lunchtime 1200 to 1500 hrs. In the evening the basement was open