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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

141. Seven Stars, Printworks

Seven Stars, Printworks, Withy Grove. (c) cask-marque.

Nestled at the back of the Printworks, this Wetherspoons / Lloyds bar would normally be pretty much a no-go area for people like us unless it was particularly early in the day.  Named after the famous 555-year old Seven Stars on Withy Grove that was demolished long before the Arndale Centre rose from the ground, I suspect the drinkers in the original would turn in their grave at the modern day version.  But even so, a beer is a beer, especially an early one, and so at 10:40 am, when already in town and looking for a drink, we give it a whirl.

The premises are large, probably very noisy at night and hard floored for those numerous undoubted spilt drinks, but the beer selection is excellent.  To give Wetherspoons their dues, despite a lot of their pubs being filled with a generally poor level of society, they do keep an excellent selection of beers and rotate regularly. The usual selection of fruit machines and quiz machines can be found, but no pool table and of course no dart board!  We plumped for the Thornbridge Jaipur, a king amongst beers in itself and even better when available at £1.80 a pint, which for a 5.9% brew is fine value indeed.  There were also at least five other real ales on, but time was not on our side, so it was just the one for us this time.  Would we come back?  Possibly for breakfast and an early beer again, but at night time? Highly unlikely I would have thought, we'll leave it to the out-of-town Printworks mob.

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