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Sunday, 19 April 2015

St Andrews Tavern, Adair Street

Former St Andrews Tavern, Adair Street, 1970. (c) David Lever at archivesplus flickr under Creative Commons [1].

The St Andrews Tavern or St Andrews Church Hotel opened on the corner of Norton Street at No. 29-31 Adair Street [2], just north east of London Road Station, in about 1870. It replaced an earlier St Andrews Tavern which stood on the corner of Travis Street and Back Crescent run by Robert Crosbie, lost when the Goods Station was built [3]. The pub was named after St Andrews Church on Travis Street down the road [4], and St Andrews Street, the churchyard wall and a cross remain today.

Former location of St Andrews Chruch, Travis Street. (c) Google 2015. View Larger Map.

The St Andrews Tavern closed as a Hardy's pub in 1956, and Mick Burke remembers: "It was a busy pub. In the thirties the landlord was Bill Bunnage and he used to fence stuff knocked off by railwaymen from the yard across the road. He might say, 'D'you fancy a suit? There's one upstairs - go and try it on!' [3]." A few decades after it closed, the building was demolished and the site now boasts the Aeroworks development.

Former location of St Andrews Tavern, Adair Street. (c) Google 2015. View Larger Map.

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