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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Kings Arms, Tipping Street

Kings Arms, Tipping Street. (c) David Lewis at archivesplus flickr under Creative Commons [1].

Pictured above in March 1964 by David Lewis, the Kings Arms Hotel stood on Tipping Street on the edge of Ardwick and the city centre, a location that has been swallowed up by the Mancunian Way ring road.  The Kings Arms was a Threlfalls house, as seen in this 1959 archive photo.  The pub was on the Downing Street corner of Tipping Street, so it was opposite the Royal Oak.

Kings Arms, Tipping Street. (c) david Lewis at archivesplus flickr under Creative Commons [1].

The Royal Oak can be seen on the other side of Tipping Street, on the right, in the above picture of the Kings Arms.  The former site of the Kings Arms Hotel is today the shadow of the huge MacDonald Hotel (the old Victory House and Telecom House), opposite the skate park beneath the Mancunian Way flyover.

Former location of Kings Arms, Tipping Street. (c) Google 2015. View Larger Map.

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