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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Oldham Arms, Belle Vue Street

Oldham Arms, Belle Vue Street, West Gorton, 1971. (c) David Lewis at archivesplus flickr under Creative Commons [1].

The Oldham Arms stood on Belle Vue Street, on the corner of Sussex Street, with Queen Street just starting to the right, in West Gorton. It stood at No.39 Belle Vue Street and dated back to at least 1876 [2]. Pictured above in August 1971, and also here in 1971 [3], the Oldham Arms was next door to "Valerie's" - what this little establishment was is anyone's guess.

Future location of the Oldham Arms, Belle Vue Street. (c) Old Maps [4].

The pub was originally a Cornbrook Ales house [5] and ended up with Wilsons Brewery as seen here. Belle Vue Street still runs today from Gorton Lane to Hyde Road. The street layout around here is much-changed with this spot being roughly the old location of the Oldham Arms.

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