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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Richmond Inn, Syndall Street

Richmond Inn, Syndall Street, Ardwick. (c) David Lever at archiveplus flickr under Creative Commons [1].

The Richmond Inn, shown at the archives in 1965 and 1970 as a Chesters house, stood at number 16-18 Richmond Street [2] in Ardwick. It was on the corner of the just-surviving (as Syndall Avenue) Syndall Street off Stockport Road. As shown in this fine 1969 photo, the sad sight of a pub left standing while the communities around it are demolished is an all-too-familiar one to pub historians.

Richmond Inn, Syndall Street. (c) Old Maps [3].

The impressive Nicholls Ardwick High School is in the distance in the above photo, which is from September 1971 [1]. The Richmond Inn and Richmond Street are both long-gone and this corner of Ardwick has seen the infamous and brutal Fort Ardwick come and go in recent decades.


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