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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Farm Yard, Rochdale Road

Farmyard, Rochdale Road, Harpurhey. (c) Alan Winfield with permission.

The Farm Yard was a huge pub on Rochdale Road in Harpurhey, pictured as a Threlfalls house in 1971.  By the late 1980s it had passed to Whitbread, and it was rather deserted during Alan Winfield's visit in May 1988, despite the decent Chesters bitter on offer.  There is a photo of the Farmyard on flickr still just open in the mid-2000s but it's been closed for a number of years now.

Farm Yard, Rochdale Road. (c) Gene Hunt at flickr under Creative Commons.

The Farmyard was meant to be reopening as a restaurant but most recently it's been operating as the Manchester Creative Learning Studio.  The Farm Yard Hotel was rebuilt in 1896, presumably replacing on older pub of the same name.  The grand stonework that remains on the building facade is a reminder of this fine building's original use.

Farm Yard, Rochdale Road. (c) Google 2014. View Larger Map.


  1. I used to pass this when driving to work in the late 80s and remember thinking how incongruously big it seemed for the neighbourhood. It must have been about the single most impressive pre-WW1 pub on the north side of Manchester, and you would expect to see a pub of that type in a suburban centre or on a major road junction. Surprising it made it into the 21st century, really.

  2. It had a brief stay of execution in the mid nineties...karaoke, small cocktail bar, dj even a nice restaurantetc...went really well for a couple of years but then as usual the local 'undesirables' started coming in....and within months what usually happens....happened

  3. Who built this hotel/ pub? The town hall in Stratford Ontario Canada is almost identical. Stratford Ontario was a woolens and furniture building town. How do I find tge architects for The Farmyard?

  4. Used to do a great rock night every week in the late 70's early 80's in the upstairs function room. So many memories from those nights.

  5. Our band used to practice upstairs 1980! and play local giggs we went by the name of quey four great times great days