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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Excelsior Hotel, Manchester Airport

Excelsior Hotel, Manchester Airport, Ringway. Original photo at Historic Images [1].

The Excelsior Hotel was the original Manchester Airport Hotel before Ringway (as it is still often called locally) was expanded in the 1990s.  The Excelsior used to be outside the original Terminal 1 which opened in 1962, and it was often used as overspill free parking for the small car park outside the terminal [2].  The Excelsior was also familiar to plane spotters (and families on 'days out' at the airport; hugely popular back in the day) as the entry to the old spectator gallery was next to the hotel [3]. 


  1. Hard to imagine how (only 25 to 30 years ago) this was Manchester Airport's only hotel. Before the Hilton opened, I think the Post House hotel in Northenden was a creditable alternative, though both this and The Excelsior were owned by Trusthouse Forte.

    It is also featured in Phaidon's excellent 'Boring Postcards' book.

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