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Friday, 21 December 2012

Palmerston, Palmerston Street

Former location of Palmerston, Palmerston Street. (c) Google 2012. View Larger Map.

Today Viaduct Street ends at Palmerston Street but in the past it carried on up to Ashton New Road.  At the intersection of Palmerston Street, a Wilsons house of the same name stood.  The Palmerston wasn't the only beer outlet near here though, the off licence down the road sold Wilsons draught and bottled ales, while the corner shop on the other side of the road to the Palmerston was where you'd go for cigarettes.  These were in the days when there was barely a difference in off-trade and pub prices.  The Palmerston is shown here as a fairly large whitewashed corner boozer in 1963 and a year later looking down Viaduct Street.  This part of inner city Manchester on the Ancoats/Beswick border is strangely devoid of anything these days.


  1. I live on palmerston street! we could do with these coming back! In dire need of a decent pub/restaurant/corner shop!

  2. My great grandparents ran this pub in 1911. its great to find its exact location. Thanks to the original poster.