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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Alliance Inn, Rochdale Road

Alliance Inn, Rochdale Road, Blackley. (c) jacoliame at panoramio.

The Alliance Inn was a Boddingtons beerhouse on the corner of Kate Street (now Russet Road) and Rochdale Road in Blackley.  The above photo is from the 1960s and there are two 1958 photos showing the Alliance Inn a few years earlier.  The late Eddie and Mavis Mees ran the Alliance between 1972 and 1974, and their sons Dave and Johnny, who lived at the pub, remember the pub's tiny bar about 1.5 metres long with just two pumps, bitter and mild.  Bottled Heineken sold well so the Mees installed it on draught in late '72.  Ted Stockton used to drink in here and remembers ordering at the bar stating a cryptic "No.2" or "No.4", etc.  This was because no one drank anything other than bitter or lager and if you ordered half pints then that would have marked you out as a person of questionable tastes.

Former location of Alliance Inn, Rochdale Road (new Alliance Inn behind). (c) Google 2012. View Larger Map.

Although the license at the Alliance Inn didn't permit the sale of spirits, they always had a couple of bottles under the bar for the locals. Regulars at the Alliance during this time were characters like 'The Beast', 'Chic Chavio', 'Mary Mary' and Brian 'The Bear' Dunn.  A 1973 oil painting of the pub painted by J. Murray for the Mees still resides with the family. The original Alliance Inn was knocked down in the 1980s and a new estate-style pub built in its place, set back a little off the main road, with the plot of the old Alliance still empty.


  1. Thk you for posting this ...

    1. Nice post Dan although I seem to remember that Brian Dunn was actually The Bear ( ex Army heavyweight boxing champ ) The Beast however was entirely different...

    2. Brian Dunn ("the Bear" definitely!); Chic had a slightly different surname as I recall, and was highly Respected with a capital 'R'. In fact his surname was 'unspoken'. It is part of legend that Brian, Chic, and the Manchester lads met the Krays at Picadilly station. The Krays wanted to take over Manchester. The Manchester lads met them, bought them a drink and then told them in no uncertain terms to not come back. There seems to have been an element of cordiality nonetheless and a close 'colleague' of Brian and Chic's, who also drank at the Alliance, became a manager for one of the Kray's clubs in London.

      There are other stories that could be told about Brian Dunn "the Bear" and the Alliance that now part of 'folklore', but I can confirm that most of them are true!

      ... from another person wishing to remain anonymous!

  2. Still going strong Im happy to report, fairly quite midweek but weekends are rockin ...always busy Fri, Sat and Sundays...occasionally DJ Frank does a set