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Monday, 17 December 2012

Church, Church Road

Church, Church Road, Northenden, 1992. (c) deltrems at flickr.

One of the first of the recent Northenden pub closures, the Church has been closed for getting on for a decade now.  Towards the end it was blighted by trouble (including a 2002 murder), like many of its neighbours in Wythenshawe proper.  More Northenden boozers closed in its wake - the Jolly Carter, Spread Eagle and Tatton Arms have all been lost over the last few years.

Church, Church Road, Northenden. (c) hugovk at flickr under Creative Commons.

There are some nice old archive photos of the Church Inn from 1908, 1939 and 1971 when it was a Tetley's house.  Rumours are that the old Church Inn is eventually being converted to flats, leaving just the Farmers Arms and the Crown Inn as Northenden's last two real pubs (as well as the newer bars that have sprung up on Palatine Road).

Church, Church Road, Northenden, circa 1910. (c) With permission from Northenden Old & New at NorthendenPast.

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