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Friday, 30 November 2012

Anvil, Greenwood Road

Anvil, Greenwood Road, Benchill, 1994. (c) Alan Winfield with permission.

The Anvil was another classic Wythenshawe estate pub on the corner of Haveley Road and Greenwood Road in Benchill.  This spot is just to the east of the M56 where it forks left and Princess Parkway starts.  

Former location of Anvil, Greenwood Road. (c) Google 2012. View Larger Map.

The Anvil was a Hydes pub, of course, named after the old Hydes Anvil brand.  It was your standard estate pub layout with a lounge and bar area and despite a rough reputation (like most Benchill pubs to be honest; like most Wythenshawe pubs, in fact), it lasted until 2004.

Hydes Anvil. (c) Barclay Perkins blogebay.

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