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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Threlfall's Brewery, Cook Street, Salford

Threlfall's Brewery, Cook Street. (c) breweryhistory.

John Mayor Threlfall of Liverpool purchased their Liverpool brewery from Lupton and Adamthwaite in 1861 and Threlfall's became a registered brewer in 1888. In around 1895, the Blue Lion pub on Cook Street in Salford (previously the White Lion and Apollo) was demolished and another Threlfall's brewery built in its place. In 1961 Chesters merged with Threlfall's and the Salford site became Chester's and Threlfall's brewery. Whitbread took them over in 1967 and brewing continued on the site until around 1999. The grade 2-listed, fine brick building is now the Deva Centre, an urban business village.

Threlfall's Brewery, Cook Street. (c) breweryhistory.

Threlfall's brewery, aerial view. (c) webaviation.

The Church Inn, pictured below, backed onto the Threlfall's Brewery so may have been considered its brewery tap. You can see the resemblance between the Church Inn and the recently lost Hat & Feathers in both its siting and livery.

Church Inn, Chapel Street. (c) Ven16 at flickr.

Still standing pubs in Manchester that were Threlfall's houses in the past include the Lass O'Gowrie and the Land O'Cakes, as seen below by the old glass work and signs that used to adorn the pubs, plus the Crown & Anchor (Cateaton Street), White Lion and the City. Lost Threlfall's pubs of Manchester include the just-demolished Hat & Feathers and Red Bull (both Mason Street), Sir Ralph Abercrombie (Great Ancoats Street), Mechanics Arms, Crown & Sceptre, Gunsmiths Arms, Exile of Erin (Naples Street) and Old Lancashire Hounds.

Threlfall's Brewery Co. glass. Lass O'Gowrie. (c) breweryhistory.

Threlfall's Brewery Co. sign. Land O' Cakes. (c) breweryhistory.

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