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Friday, 4 June 2010

Henry's Café Bar, Lower Mosley Street

Henry's Café Bar, Lower Mosley Street. (c) carling/Local Data Company.

Now Table Table Restaurant & Pub (off the list) and a Costa's Coffee, Henry's was also an ugly, soulless chain facing the grandeur of the Midland Hotel. About the only thing going for this venue is the outdoor pavement seating area which offers great views of the hotel, GMEX, Hilton, Bridewater Hall and St Peter's Square.

Table Table, Costa Coffee, Lower Mosley Street. (c) jwilkinson.

The Premier Travel Inn which occupies the upper floors of this modern building stands in contrast to the stunning old railway hotel opposite which holds political party conferences on a regular basis.

Midland Hotel. (c) markydeedrop at skyscrapercity.

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