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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Teasers, Deansgate

Teasers, Deansgate. (c) virtualtourist.

Teasers, or Sleazers as it was more commonly known, was one of those bars that typically pops up now and again. They seem to do very well but then disappear after a few years (see Idols). This place was inspired by the seedy clubs of Amsterdam, opening in 2000 in the Great Northern complex on Deansgate, it closed in 2008. With staff wearing little-to-no clothing, leaving even less to the imagination, and the male staff in particular given licence to wander round groping whoever they like, this wasn't the nicest of places. Couple this with extortionately priced bottled beer or cooking lager only, a crowd made up of chavs, slags and scallies and you've the recipe for a house full of undesirables, which in essence, this was. You'd expect a place like this to pop up in the Printworks sometime soon!

Teasers, Deansgate. (c) virtualtourist.

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