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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

White Swan, Green Street

White Swan, Green Street, Ladybarn. (c) thisiswhereiamthisiswhereiwas.

The White Swan, known locally as the 'Mucky Duck', was sold by Robinson's in 2011 and closed without much ceremony late that year.  2012 has brought better news as the local Ladybarn Social Club (the former British Legion) has apparantly bought it as of October [1].  There are plans to reopen the White Swan and hopefully go someway to restoring what was once a fine public house with a traditional interior.  

White Swan, Green Street, Ladybarn. (c) Eccles Express at gostreet.

CAMRA reports that some of these original features - the etched glass and carved wood bar - are gone, but the ceramic tiling, etched off-sale sign and ornate toilets remain.  The side entrance's 'outdoor' sign also remains and below are one of many bands who played in the White Swan's upstairs venue called Creative Space.

White Swan, Green Street, Ladybarn. (c) Phil Portus.

The vault and a front room have been closed for years so only the main bar had been serving to a small but loyal band of locals (and music fans for the Friday night shows which ran since the 1980s).  There is a wonderful blog post at thisiswhereiamthisiswhereiwas describing the White Swan and her locals:

It's a quiet, almost abandoned pub that doesn't even look like it's open.  It reminds me of the Winchester from Shaun of the Dead, but without customers.  It does have some customers though.  My favourites are Pat... a lovely Irish man with a great, grey tash who always refers to Manchester United as the "Red Machine".  He drinks 2 pints of lager at the same time.  Joe is also a smashing Irish chap whose shirt is always way too wide open revealing a large chest that has seen one too many bitters and whiskeys...
White Swan, Green Street, Ladybarn. (c) toppictures.

There are reports that the White Swan will indeed be reopening its doors under the Ladybarn Social Club in early 2013 after some minor refurbishments.  We look forward to visiting this soon-to-be-reborn Manchester classic...

White Swan, Green Street, Ladybarn. (c) Eccles Express at gostreet.



  1. This was a cracking pub BITD and was also the scene for filming of "A drop of the pure" - an independent film featuring the legendary George Borowski.

  2. I knew it in the late seventies when I was always amazed by just how much there was of it - and how crowded it was! Sad to see closure and hope for reopening.....

  3. The White Swan has indeed reopened thanks to Ladybarn Social Club who have moved from their old home of 90 years on Beverly Road. There has been some refurbishment, but the carved oak bar has been retained and moved to a new location, as many of the original blue tiles have also been retained, but the small rooms have been opened out. There are two cask ales on, one of which is Robinson's Unicorn so keeping close to the buildings roots and the other is a fortnightly changing guest beer. Non members are welcome

  4. I drank in this pub in the early 70s when a student at Manchester. It was always welcoming and I was sad to discover it had closed as a pub. I hope however it has continuing success in its present guise and wish it all the best for the future.

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