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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

White Swan, Manchester Road

White Swan, Manchester Road, Hollinwood. (c) deltrems at flickr [1].

The White Swan stood on the west side of Manchester Road in Hollinwood, across the road from the Old Post Office.  Nicknamed the Mucky Duck, the pub was on the way to the Roxy Cinema if you were travelling up Manchester Road.  Like the Old Post and the Hat & Feathers, the White Swan must have been lost before the M60 cut a swathe through Hollinwood.

White Swan, Manchester Road. (c) Britain from Above [1].



  1. My wife and I are retiring from our careers in a few years. We were talking about what to do with the rest of our lives. It would be fun to buy a pub and serve lunch and fast food as well as drinks all day every day. Should we speak to a realtor about this desire?

  2. Otherwise known as the mucky duck, Alan Black was I believe the last landlord, proper pub with proper people.