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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Streetbridge Inn, Roman Road

Streetbridge Inn, Roman Road, Failsworth. (c) Rob Magee [1].

The Streetbridge Inn today is a 1980s estate-style pub on the Failsworth-Hollinwood border, but the original beerhouse dates a lot further back, to at least 1861, when it had been farmhouses.  The Streetbridge Inn was named after the Roman Road ("the street") and the bridge over the nearby canal.  The beerhouse was bought by Oldham Brewery in 1901, and by 1925 was hosting Manchester & District Whippet Club dog races out the back.  The Streetbridge got its full license in 1960 and so it remained until 1983 when Boddington's took over Oldham Brewery and decided to rebuilt the pub close by.  The original pub was demolished and became the car park for the new boozer [1].  Meanwhile, the Roman Road was tarmaced, the bridge was removed and the canal was filled in [2].

Streetbridge Inn, Roman Road. (c) Rob Magee [1].

1. Failsworth Pubs 1731-1995 and their licensee, Rob Magee (1985).

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