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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Barton Inn, Cawdor Street

Barton Inn, Cawdor Street, Eccles, 1995. (c) Alan Winfield with kind permission.

The Barton Inn stands on the corner of Adelaide Street at No.11 Cawdor Street in Eccles.  It can be traced back to 1887 when the license of the Southgate Inn in Pendlebury was transferred to two houses in Cawdor Street, which was converted into the Barton Inn [1].

Barton Inn, Cawdor Street. (c) rightmove.

By 1905 the Barton Inn was headquarters of the Springfield Football Club, which later became Eccles Borough A.F.C. [1].

Barton Inn, Cawdor Street, 1959. (c) Tony Flynn [1].

A full license was only granted to the Barton Inn in 1949 as a Threlfalls house, an in 1967 it passed to Whitbread as they took over Salford's Threlfalls Brewey.  It remained a Whitbread's Chester's house, offering Chesters and Boddies bitter in the mid-90s [2].

Barton Inn, Cawdor Street. (c) Eccles Express at geodruid.

The Barton Inn shut in the 2000s and remains closed despite being surrounded by flats and potential customers.

Barton Inn, Cawdor Street. (c) Kev Dol at panoramio under Creative Commons.

1. A History of the Pubs of Eccles, Tony Flynn (1980).

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